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 The main research objectives in Tyre station are researches related to olives and citrus subjects.

- Weather station .

- Propagation unit .

- Preparation of soil and water laboratory.




 Head of station Eng. Hiyam Youssef

2 research engineers:  Habib Awada - Fouad Dagher  
5 technicians and 5 labors.

On going projects

A- Selection of a rootstock tolerant to biotiques  and abiotiques constraints  in Lebanon. The

     objectives of this project are mainly introducing new rootstock tolerant to calcareous soil
     and viruses as Malsseco and Tristeza; and also studying the adaptability of new varieties to
     Lebanese literal.
B- Biological control of citrus pests by using parasites , predaters  and cultural practices in
     citrus fields in Southern Lebanon.   
C- Study of new varieties of tropical and subtropical crops ( mango, annona, avocado,…) to
     be introduced as alternative crops of the wide citrus and banana plantations in Southern
D- Studyof the disease Verticillium dahliae on olives in Southern Lebanon.
E- Production of bananas by tissue culture and study the adaptability of the products in the
F- Study the integrated management of olive disease Spilocaea oleagina ( peacock spot )  
     and its control in olive fields in Southern Lebanon.
G- Study of citrus and olives varieties ( local , introduced ) by the establishment of a new
      genetic resource fields .
H- Study the integrated management and Biological control  of olive pests in olive fields in
      Southern Lebanon .




- Biological study of olive leopard moth ( Zeuzera pyrina) and its integrated management in Southern Lebanon.

- Biological study of med fly (Ceratitis capitata) and its integrated management in citrus fields
  in Southern Lebanon (working on it is still going on till now).
- Biological Studies on the two key pests of olive: olive moth (Prays oleae) and olive fly (
  Bactrocera oleae) and its control in Southern Lebanon.
- Study on Verticillium dahliae that causes wilting disease on olives and its control measures.
- Project “ Amelioration and development of olive culture in South Lebanon’ with the
 cooperation of FAO and UNDP.

Other Activities

 - production of olive seedlings by cutting ( local and introduced varieties  ) .

- Participating in national and international scientific conferences and workshops.
- Holding practical workshops for farmers at the station and in the fields.
- Production of practical brochures.


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