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Breeding and selection of Awasi sheep and Shami goats.

Nutritive evaluation of ruminants feeds.

Incorporation of agro industrial by-products in ruminants diet to reduce pollution and cost of feeding.


Dr. Khaled Houchaymi, Researcher, Ph.D in Animal nutrition, Univ. of Wales, Bangor, U.K.

Other stuff: administration (1), store keeper (1), workers (4).

On going projects

Title: Breeding and selection of Shami goats and Awassi sheep.

Duration: continuous.

Title: Using sufflower meal in the diet of Awasi lambs and Shami kids, its effect on body weight increase.

Duration: 1 year.

Partners: Lebanese University.

Title: Studying the adablibility of Akar sheep to the Bekaa' conitions and comparing them to the Awasi sheep in milk production.

Duration: 3 years.


Increased milk production of Shami goats from 280 litre/240 days to 600 litres.

Increased milk production of Awasi sheep from 100 litre/180 days to 167 litres.

Incorporated the use of sesame pulp and reduced the cost of fattening Awassi lambs without negative effects on carcass quality.

Using potato chips by-product in the ration of Awassi lambs.

Using potato chips by-product in the ration of Awassi sheep and its effects on milk constituents.

Study on using milk replacement for raising Awasi lambs from birth till weaning.

Other Activities

Yearly sale of improved Awasi rams and Shami bucks to interested farmers around the country.

Advising local sheep and goat herders on nutrition, management and vaccination of their herds.

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