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Our Main responsibility is to give access to all our library contents, to everyone who asks for it.
Researchers, agronomists or students …


Librarian:1 Miss Donia Etel
Support staff : 2

On going projects

Our on-going Project is to be linked to other Mediterranean Agricultural institution threw our Web Server which was installed by CIHEA-B Italy (European community) with the RAP program Permitting to the researchers to cooperate together about their projects and results. 


LARI's library has been recently equipped after the destructive war, since the last four years.
Library contents:
* 438 scientific books
* 46 scientific journals
* 100 Theses
* 400 books of FAO series
* 35 books of AOAD series
* SAS on line access-AGRIS (CD'S)
* Encyclopedia
* Magon, LARI's annual newsletter
* Annual reports


Lari agricultural library is available to everyone who’s interested in its contents from Monday to Saturday :

Scientific books
Scientific journals
Annual Reports
CD Agris Caris Silver Platter information FAO
SAS on line access
Current contents
Journals Titles

Agricultural systems

Agriculture + rural development


Agronomy Journal

American Journal of Enology and Viticulture

American Journal of Potato Research

American Potato Journal

American Vegetable Grower

Annual Review of Biochemistry

Annual Review of Entomology

Annual Review of Nutrition

Annual Review of Phytopathology

Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology

Avian Diseases

Biological and Cultural Tests for Control of Plant Diseases

Biotechnologie, Agronomie Société et Environnement

British Poultry Science

Bulletin des recherches agronomiques Gembloux

Bulletin of the International Institue of Refrigeration

Cahiers Options méditerranéennes

Capsicum & Eggplant Newsletter

Caravan – 20th Anniversary Special

Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis

Crop Protection

Crop science

European Journal of Agronomy

European Journal of Plant Pathology

FAO quarterly bulletin of Statistics


Food Microbiology

Food Processing

Fruit Varieties Journal


Genetical Research

Grasslands and forage abstracts


Indian Horticulture


Integrated Pest Management Reviews

International Journal of Plant Varieties & Seeds

International Journal of Refrigeration

Business & Technology

Irrigation Science

Journal of Animal Science

Journal of Crop Production

Journal of Dairy Science

Journal of Food Composition and Analysis

Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

Journal of Plant Nutrition

Journal of Plant Varieties and Seeds

Journal of Reproduction and Fertility

Journal of soil and water conservation

Journal of The American Society for Horticultural Science

Journal of Virology

La Recherche

Le Commerce du Levant

Le Courrier De La Nature

Lebanese Scientific Research Reports

Le journal du CNRS

Literature Update on Wheat, Barley, and Triticale


Nourishing the Future through Scientific Excellence

Pesticide Science-or-Pest Management Science

Phytoma – La Défense des Végétaux

Plant and Soil

Plant Cell Reports

Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture

Plant Genetic Resources Abstracts

Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter

Potato Research

Poultry science

RACHIS Barley and Wheat Newsletter

SAS Communications


Seed Technology

Soil Science

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Spudman, Voice of the Potato Industry

The journal of Applied Poultry Research

The journal of nutrition


World Animal Review

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ألبيئة والتنمية
الإدارة اللبنانية
ألإنماء في البقاع واقع وآفاق
ألإقتصاد اللبناني والعربي
أخبار علمية من فرنسا والشرق الأدنى
ألمجلة العربية لإدارة المياه والري
ألندوة اللبنانية للحفاظ على البيئةاو يوم البيئة العالمي
ألزراعة والتنمية في الوطن العربي
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