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To help in solving problems facing the poultry and feed industries through scientific approach leading to maximum production with minimum possible cost


Dr. George W. Barbour, Research Scientist

Mortada Moustafa, Technical Assistant

On going projects

A. Local field crops as alternative poultry feedstuffs

1. To prepare high protein meals from local field crops such as safflower, fava bean, and industrial hemp as feed ingredients for poultry.

2. Evaluation of the chemical and nutritional value of the crop meals such as safflower meal.

3. Performance of commercial meat or egg bird when fed rations where imported soybean meal is substituted with meals prepared from local field crops such as safflower, fava bean, or commercial hemp.

B. Internal quality parameters of table eggs

1. Egg quality and hygene status of different strains of commercial laying hens (egg storage)

2. Egg shell inhancing feed additives in laying hen rations to promote external and internal quality parameters of fresh or stored table eggs.

C. Update information on cereal grain feed ingredient, cultivation, prices, and transportation in the international feed markets.

D. Participation in conferences and article publication.



Publish research work in peer reviewed agriculture journals

Other Activities  

Participation in local and international scientific conferences


Mousa Wakila – American Soybean Association 15/4/2005


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