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Research is directed towards the improvement of the fruit tree cultivation sector in Lebanon by introducing and testing the newest concepts and technologies used in modern orchard management. 


- Head,Elie Rmeily(M.S.)  

- 1 Research Assistants, Abdul kader El- Hajj  (M.S.)

- 1 technical, Aadnan al Rami.

- 2 laborers, Hasan Raya, Melhem Bhaini

On going projects

1- Variety Trials and Demonstration Plots for the Introduction and Adoption of New and Improved Varieties of Stone Fruits, Pome Fruits and Grapes.

Main objective: Evaluating the adaptability, disease resistance, and quality of the novel varieties and their suitability for the Lebanese market.

Duration: Continuous and expandable.

Cooperation: CIHEAM-IAM, Bary, Italy.

2-Germplasm Collection for the Various Domestic Varieties of Table Grapes ,Fig Pistachio , walnut.

Main objective: Ex-situ preservation of the genetic material contained in the ancient and well-adapted varieties, and evaluation of theirpotential uses for fresh consumtion or industrial conversion.

Duration: Continuous and expandable.

3- Germplasm Collection for Almond Land Races and Cultivated Varieties and Development of Specialized Scion-Rootstock Combinations Suited for Different Market Uses.

Main objective: Evaluating rootstock-scion combinations as affecting tree growth and quality attributes of almond kernels, and the suitability of the various cultivars to different market uses.

Duration: Continuous and expandable.

4- Evaluation of the Benefits of Using Chemical Thinning on Peaches as a Alternative to the Traditional Method of Hand Thinning.

Main objective: To determine the optimum application rate and application timing of the growth regulator Ethephon that would cause effective and economical thinning of peaches with no or minimal requirement for hand thinning.

Duration: 3 years starting 2001.

5- A comprehensive survey of fruit tree cultivations in central Bekaa.

6- Avoiding spring frost damage by using wind machine(stone fruits)

7- Development of a suitable and economical technique for the cold

preservation of green almond.

8-Chemical treatment of poor color development of the red table variety (tfaifihi) in Bekaa valley.

9-Using the natural biological insect to attack mealy bug in grapes.

10- Controlling excessive pre-harvest fruit drop(kaki).

Other Activities  

The division has future plans to deal with and try to solve more problems arising from practicing old and obsolete orchard management techniques by fruit tree growers in the region. Every effort will be exploited to help increase awareness of farmers to modern and improved practices and encourage the adoption of such practices in their orchards


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