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Improvement of cereals and grain legumes namely wheat, barley, lentils, chickpeas and faba bean through crossing and breeding for new improved varieties to be released eventually to the farmers.


* Head of department Rabih KABALAN

* Research assistant    Joelle Breidy

* Research assistant    Ali Attar

* Other staff: Store keepers, field workers.

On going projects

Title: Station Verification Trials for Cereals and Grain Legumes.

Objective: Identify new promising varieties of wheat, lentil, chickpea and faba bean with high productivity, good grain quality & good adaptation to different climatic conditions.

Duration: Annual

Partners: ICARDA


Title: Cereals and Grain Legume Improvement Projects

Objective: To create new varieties of barley, wheat, lentil and chickpea.

Duration: Continuous.

Partners: ICARDA, ACSAD and Local Farmers.


Title: Collection and Conservation of the Lebanese Flora.

Objective: To collect and conserve seeds of wild plants in Seed Bank, especially Endemic, Endangered, Medicinal, Aromatic, Edible and of Economic Value Species. 

Duration: 1996-2010.

Partners: Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG)-Kew-United Kingdom


Title: Seed Production

Objective: To increase and produce certified seeds of Durum Wheat and to provide treated and cleaned wheat seeds to the farmers.

Duration: Continuous

Partners: Farmers.


Six new high yielding varieties of wheat,barley,lentils and chickpeas were released in the past 10 years to the farmers.

Other Activities

* Study of the Nutritious Value of Some Barley varieties and their introduction in the poultry nutrition (In Collaboration with Poultry Production Department).

* Study of the fungal diseases on wheat improper for human consumption (In collaboration with the Cental laboratory).

Major Constraints/Needs

* Lack of Gene Bank facilities for long term storage of seeds.

* Lack of good farm and seed equipment.

* Lack of human resources, especially technicians

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