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  • To develop more efficient production systems for the major field crops: Potato, Sugar Beet, Cotton, Maize, Storage Seeds.
  • To implement Potato varieties trial of different maturity and economic purpose.
  • To fulfilling the demands of commercial firms, farmers, industrials & consumers.
  • To enhance the quality & productivity of crop production.
  • To implement forage crop trials: Fodder maize, pearl millet, Sudan grass…
  • To study the effect of cultural practices on the productivity of potatoes.
  • To introduce new technologies in potato production: Fertigation and new varieties.
  • To maintain tight contact with farmers:
           - Turning their concerns into active research for sustainable solutions.
           - Piloting demonstrations plot at their fields.
           - Providing technical information, suitable for a growing high yield of saleable high
               quality crop, to reduce the cost of production & maximize profits.
  • Head of Department,      Eng. Chafic STEPHANE  (Agr. Ing. with Post-graduate diploma)
  • Two technical assistantsTwo field technicians
  • One permanent worker
On going projects
OUTPUT I: “Potato varieties trials”.To select new varieties of potatoes with high productivity and good quality.  
Objective: The objective of this experiment is to assess the productivity of varieties & resistance to diseases according to a "Control variety". To take measures of the specific gravity, using Hydrometer device or the method of weight: S.G = Weight in air (weight in air – weight in water).
 OUTPUT II:  “Forage trials”. To select new varieties of fodder maize and pearl millet with high quality on forage production
 Objective: The objective of this experiment is
    ò To release new varieties ofFodder maize with good productivity, early maturity
        and high protein content.
    ò To select new varieties ofPearl millet on high yield and good quality.
OUTPUT III: To study the effect of fertilizer application on yield and quality of potatoes.
Objective: due to the excessive and different methods application of fertilizer, and
for environmental reasons, it is important to study the effect of different methods of fertilizers application, to economize fertilizer application by using the best time and method to inform the farmers for the best way of fertilization.
OUTPUT IV:  Identification of cereal toxic fungus on seeds storage, their micotoxins and the ways of prevention.
Objective: micotoxins are produced by a large varieties of fungi developed on
cereals & other crops in different ecological situations. Their presence on livestock production form a group of toxic substances and present mutagen activities transferred in food proceeding which are danger for man health. The objective of this study is to identify the presence of these fungus, to prevent the contamination of
food stuff, to maintain suitable storage conditions and finally to protect public health. 
- Implemented varieties trials: Potato, Sugar beet, cotton, Tomato, Soybean, Fodder maize, pearl millet …
- Implemented potato fertigation trial using new technologies : Drip irrigation, Dosatron, N
- Improved package technologies for Sugar beet production
- Implemented fertilization trials:
- effect of N, P, K rates on potato productivity.
             ò effect of N, P, k & Boron on Sugar beet productivity & quality

Other Activities
  • To prepare & conduct field days, workshops, meetings, conferences
  • To publish literature (Brochure, recommendations, information leaflets)


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