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The main conducted researches at Lebaa Station aim to help farmers in order to increase their agricultural production and quality based on the results of many experiments.


 Head of station Dr. Abed El Kader El Hajj
Support staff 2.

  1. Ghassan Bou Orm - technician assistant
  2. wihbi Bou Orm       -  technician assistant

On going projects

projects 1- The influence of  variety ,harvesting date and Supplementary irrigation on the yield and  quality of olive oil  .
Duration: 5 years
Cooperation: with Dr. Ali Bassal ( Lebanese University) , Eng. Rania Nabout ( Kfarshakhna, LARI) , Eng. Mouhamed Salman ( Al Fanar , LARI)

2- Agricultural Development Project : Disease and pest forcast of different crops grown all over lebanese territories,

Duration: 3 years

Cooperation: All LARI Stations
3- The influence of water shortage on the  yield and  quality of some vegetable crops grown under greenshouse
Duration: 3 years


The previous findings at Lebaa, revealed that the used new agricultural practices reduced the amount of applied pesticides up to 25% and irrigation water up to 40%, indicating: Low cost; no pollution; high production quality and quantity.

Other Activities

* The introduction of IPM
* The introduction of biological fertilizer

* vegetable organic production in open field and under greenshouse



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