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The station is working according to the following main research objectives:

- Improvement of productivity and quality of some major crops: Potato.

- Agricultural diversification: study the productivity of industrialized crop (Cotton, Cumin and Soybean).

- Technology and promoting new feed crops.

- Introducing winter forage crops.

- Providing farmers Agricultural information’s & technical support of some major crops (potato, sugar beet, wheat, barley, tomato, forage legumes…..)


Station director: Salah Hajj Hassan

(1) Agricultural Engineer: Faten Raad.

(1) Technical Assistant

(5) Guards

On going projects

- Potato Seed production program (seed production techniques, feasibility study, potato


- Introducing new lines of forage legume crops and determination of optimal forage

mixture in term of quantity & quality


- Introducing sugar beet full package technologies.

- Introducing new technologies in potato production: Fertigation and new


- Social and economical studies of northern Bekaa (M&M project).

- Releasing new barley and forage legume varieties.

- Several studies concerning Wheat, Sugar beet, potato, small ruminants

health improvement, feed blocks, urea treatment.

- Introducing new feed crop

- Introducing new technologies for the usage of the major agricultural by


- Achieving several agricultural studies concerning Baal beck area

- Producing 10s of extension leaflets

Other Activities

- seed increase of barley, wheat and oat varieties

- soybean & cotton variety trial

Major Constraints/Needs

Technical trained staff

Financial resources for implementing activities

Inability to recruiting skilled labors


lack of equipments and machiner

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