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I- Animal Disease Unit

III.1- Mission:

-         To identify the etiology of animal diseases (poultry, small and large ruminants) by post mortem, Parasitological, microbiological, and serological analysis in order to reduce economical losses in animal production.

-         To study the epidemiology of some zoonotic diseases in order to prevent public health hazards.

III.2- Staff: 1 Researcher, 3 Research Assistants, 2 Support Staff.

III.3- On Going Projects:

III.3.1- Surveillance of Salmonella sp. causing food born diseases in human beings and animals
The main objective is to screen for Salmonella isolated from poultry, small and large ruminants livestock and comparing the strains with those causing food poisoning in human beings, applying serotyping and new molecular techniques.
Duration: 3 years.

III.3.2- The Identification and Infestations of Helminthes in small and large ruminants in different climatic conditions.

The main objective is to identify the types of helminthes spread in Livestock in Lebanon and evaluating their egg count in different climatic conditions (Humidity and Temperature) and in different farming systems (Intensive and Extensive).

Duration: 3 years.

III.3.3- The Identification of the Factors of Mastitis in Livestock
The main objective is to establish preventive measures by identifying the factors that cause Mastitis in livestock at management, farming (Intensive and Extensive) and disease levels.

Duration: 2 years.

III.4- Previous Outstanding Achievements:

-         Epidemiological studies on Brucellosis.

-         Eradication of Rinderpest through massive screening and detection of immunity level against the disease.

-         The study of the spreading of PPR (peste de petits ruminants) and the detection of immunity levels.

-         Detection of animal diseases that cause economical losses (Avian Influenza, Chicken Anemia, Newcastle and Infectious Bursal Disease).

-         The Prevention of Coccidiosis in Poultry by Using Essential Oils Extracted from Salvia libanotica (Medicinal Plant)

III.5- Planned Activities of the Unit:

-         The study of the relation between management and animal diseases.

-         The study of newly introduced hazardous animal diseases.

-         Investigation of main animal diseases spread in the country.

III.6- Main Constrains/Need:

-         Financial support for implementing research projects mainly on genetically improvement of livestock.

-         Additional necessary diagnostic reagents.

-         Training for the laboratory staff.

-         Cooperation with International Organizations for new technology transfer.

II- Vaccine Unit:

IV.1- Mission:

-         The main objective is to prepare bacterial and viral vaccines against important animal diseases that cause economical losses, such as Newcastle, Fowl Pox, Gumboro for poultry, Anthrax, Sheep and Goat Pox for Livestock.

IV.2- Staff: 2 Research Assistants, 1 Lab Technician and 1 Technician.

IV.3- On Going Projects:

The vaccine unit is rehabilitated at the present time with new equipment provided.

Four batches of Lasota Newcastle vaccine was prepared and checked for efficiency.

IV.4- Previous Outstanding Achievements:

-         The preparation of special vaccines for Newcastle and Pox using field strains that give better and specific immunity which reduced the spreading of the diseases and the economical losses.

-         The preparation of an efficient Anthrax vaccine for livestock.

V.5- Planned Activities of the Unit:

-         The preparation of all the above-mentioned vaccines stopped on 1994. The Institution has rehabilitated the unit in order to renew the previous activities again.

-         The field Newcastle virus will be isolated and characterized.
  V.6- Main Constrains/Need:

-         The need for international consultants and training of personnel in order to apply updated methods for vaccine production.

-         Financial support to fulfill the above activities.


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