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Welcome to the Agriculture Department
We conduct agriculture research related to soil and plants. The department Laboratories do analysis for soil, irrigation water, fertilizers, compost and identification of plant pest and diseases at the service of growers.
Applied research in the context of environmental protection: 
  • Managing organic matter
  • Composting Technology 
  • Study of the fertilizer value of compost products
  • Influence of different types of organic matter on soil properties and crop development
Plant pathology:
  • Identification and biology of plant pests
  • Biological, integrated and chemical control agents


  • Study of the olive oil commodity chain
Service Activities and Development:
  • Routine Analysis
  • Laboratory analysis of current chemical and nematodes available to farmers (soil-compost), exporters and importers of chemical and organic fertilizers and growing media.
  • Managing climate data available agrometeorological stations and information dissemination to farmers  
  • Advice to farmers -
  • Problems agronomic (fertilizer-amendments-crop - IPM ...)
Laboratory Training (INTERNSHIPS) for university students
Recherche Appliquée dans le cadre de la protection de l'environnement
  • Gestion de la matière organique
  • Technique de compostage
  • Etude de la valeur fertilisante des produits compostés
  • Influence de différents types de matière organique sur les propriétés des sols et le développement des cultures


Défense des végétaux- PhytopathologieAchieved projects:

  • Identification et biologie des ennemis de la culture
  • Moyens de lutte biologique-chimique intégrée
  • Etude de la filière huile d'olive
Activités de Service et de Développement 
  • Analyses de routine
  • Laboratoire d'analyses courantes chimiques et nématologiques à la disposition des agriculteurs (sol- compost), des exportateurs et importateurs d'engrais chimiques et organiques et des supports de cultures.
  • Gestion des données climatiques disponibles des stations agrométéorologiques et diffusion de l'information aux agriculteurs
Consultations diverses
  • Conseils aux agriculteurs-
  • Problèmes agronomiques (engrais- amendements- culture- lutte intégrée…)
Stages laborantins pour les étudiants universitaires


List of organic inputs;
List of local plant diseases;
Organic farming of strawberries;
Biological control of the olive fly;
Use of forage legumes to improve olive production;
Organic potato production;
Efficiency of volatile oil extract from local plant on nematodes in order to replace methyl bromide;
Efficiency of the Sterile Insect Technique on mediterranean fly;
Organic Farming in Lebanon;
Effect of fenamiphos on soil nematodes and microflora.
Services to public:
Analysis of soil, water, mineral and organic fertilizers.
Identification of plant diseases.
Research staff:
Dr. George Haddad; Department Head 
Agriculture Engineers:
Hanaa Chehabeddine
Caroline Ojeil
Tamim El Takach
Zinette Moussa
Fadia Mouncef
Nicolas Bitar
General services:
Hassa'an El Khatib
Ali Zaiter
Chawki Zwein


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